Merino Wool Socks Proudly Made In Western Canada

Enjoy the outdoors, have adventures, and go to new heights with the comfort of Kootenay Socks. These high-performance Merino wool socks have your feet
covered, so you can live in the moment.

Aqua Crew Midweight Merino Wool Kootenay Socks standing on rocks

We use Merino wool for its temperature regulating, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant properties. Best of all, they feel good on your feet! 

Forest Green Crew Midweight Merino Wool Kootenay Socks in hiking boots

Kootenay Socks are performance-fitted with arch support, a heavy cushioned sole bed, and reinforced at common wear zones for durability and long-lasting comfort.

A collage of pictures. A woman on a hike, a Man snowshoeing, a person working construction, a person cutting a tree with a chainsaw, and a person lying on a couch reading a book.

Our socks keep you comfortable during outdoor activities, cushion your sole in work boots, and keep your feet warm around the house.

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